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  • Amy Grebenow

Are Dental X-Rays Really Safe?

It's a blessing and a curse that we currently live in a time where so much information is readily at our fingertips. With popular apps like Instagram and TikTok offering up tips, tricks, and advice, how are we to know what to believe? There have been videos and reels that have been made talking about how harmful x-rays are due to the level of radiation you are exposed to. So let's go through the major myths attached to the dental x-ray stigma!

Dental x-rays aren't safe for pregnant women and children

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, pregnant women are cleared for any x-rays so long as all safety precautions are taken.Those precautions being lead apron and thyroid collar to shield the chest, neck, and torso. Similarly, children are cleared for dental x-rays so long as they are preformed in moderation and with the same precautions as we just mentioned. Webster Dental, as well as a lot of other dental practices, recommend x-rays once a year. Those would be the cavity detecting x-rays that capture the image between your teeth to save you from more extensive treatment. As with anything, you can discuss any concerns you may have with us or your medical provider before consenting to any films.

Dental x-rays exposes you to dangerous amounts of radiation

As with anything, moderation is best. With extended exposure to radiation, there is always that chance that you may develop cancer, but that occurrence is extremely rare that it would come from dental x-rays. Every day use of a cellphone and microwave would emit more radiation than your annual dental x-rays would. Not to mention, there could be lasting and possibly permanent damage to your dentition if you were to decline these x-rays.

As with anything, make sure you discuss with your dental provider first before making any decisions!


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