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  • Amy Grebenow

Tips and Tricks to Creating a Healthy Oral Care Routine with Your Kids

There's no denying that those little pint sized kiddos march to the beat of their own drum, so when it comes to establishing healthy oral healthcare with them, it's important that you start them young and involve them in the process so they can feel like they're making the choices too. The earlier you establish a positive experience with oral healthcare, the better. Here are some ways you can make that a positive experience!

Include them in the decision making:

Kids like to feel grown up in making decisions by themselves, so take them to the store and have them pick out their teeth brushing supplies! They can pick out a toothbrush, toothpaste, flossers, anything that will get them excited for that routine.

Bring them to one of your dental appointments:

Show them that being at the dentist is a fun experience and nothing to be scared of! Bring them along to one of your cleanings so they can get used to the noises and surroundings.

Join in with their routine:

Kids want to be JUST like their moms and dads so set the example and join in on their routine too! Chose a song to brush together to, make it apart of each night and morning's routine. They're less likely to give you problems if you are doing it too!

Hopefully with these little tricks, you and your littles will be able to establish a fun and healthy oral healthcare routine!

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