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  • Amy Grebenow

FALL into Healthy Dental Habits

As we say goodbye to summer and transition into the season of candy apples, hot apple cider, Halloween candy, and pumpkin pie we want to go over some healthy habits that will help keep your teeth in tip top shape.

1. Brush Often and Correctly

Did you know there's a wrong way to brush your teeth? Well there is and sometimes that can do more damage to your teeth than it does help them. When establishing a consistent brushing routine, you want to make sure you are reaching ALL of your teeth. People tend to focus on brushing the front teeth and forget about the teeth towards the back of the mouth that they can't see. It's a common mistake that can be very damaging. When brushing you want to make sure you're using enough pressure to clean the plaque and food particles, but not too aggressive that you're damaging the enamel that protects the teeth. It's a fine line but when you nail that routine, you dental team will be VERY impressed.

2. Floss When You Can

Flossing helps take care of the areas of your teeth that you can't necessarily see. The nooks and crevices between the teeth that are most susceptible to decay. To start, you want to floss every time you brush. That will get you in the habit of creating a routine. Then as you nail that routine, you can add flossing after meals. Traditional floss is best but if you're on the go or have trouble maneuvering around your teeth, floss picks will do just fine!

3. Watch Sugary Foods

This is easier said than done when Halloween is right around the corner but if you can, watch your intake of sugary foods. As you know, sugary foods are the fast track to cavities and decay. That doesn't mean you have to swear off the sweet treats, just be mindful of what you are eating and when you are eating it. For starters, try to avoid any sticky treats. Candies such as taffy or gummies hang around longer and take a longer time to be washed away by saliva which increases bacteria exposure. The ideal time, if there were one, to eat your hard earned candy is with mealtimes or shortly after mealtime. During meal time, your saliva production increases which in turn help wash away acids and bacteria that cause decay. Keep that in mind the next time you want to reach for that Halloween candy!

4. Drink Water

This goes without saying, but if you need to hear it DRINK YOUR WATER! Not only does water help your overall health but it can do wonders for your oral health. Drinking water can act as a mouthwash of sorts. It rinses away food particles, bacteria, and sugars that are harmful to your teeth. It can be a double whammy too if your water has fluoride because fluoride helps protect your teeth!

5. Keep Up Your Regular Dental Appointments

Staying on top of your dental appointments means staying on top of your oral health! Keeping up with those 6 month recalls with your dentist helps us detect any early signs of decay. As with anything, catching it early means lessening the harmful effects. So while you may not love to see us every 6 months, we sure love seeing you!

HopeFALLy these 5 tips will help you get through this Fall season with healthy chompers! As always, please feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Webster Dental Associates


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