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How to Control Bad Breath

As far as oral related problems go, bad breath is probably one of the most common ones. We have a blog post about if there is a possible cure for bad breath (that post can be found here: and in this post we will highlight ways to control it.

In order to control the problem, we must understand it first. So what exactly causes bad breath? Well there are a handful of causes that could be a factor in bad breath like other oral conditions, illness in another part of the body, some medications, or some foods and drinks.

Now that we know what can cause bad breath, what are the ways we can control it?

Good oral care is the main way to stay on top of the bad breath bug, since it starts in the mouth we want to tackle the mouth first. This means brushing twice a day after meals, flossing between your teeth at least once a day, and mouthwash rinses throughout the day can’t hurt either.

Watching what you eat and drink can play a big factor as well. There’s the obvious onions and garlic that can escalate bad breath as well as coffee. To combat that, make sure you follow the above tips and make sure you stay extra hydrated and drink lots of water. You can chew sugar free gum to help keep your mouth hydrated as well.

Try these tips and tricks to manage bad breath and as always, contact your dentist if you are still concerned or have more questions.


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