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  • Amy Grebenow

Tips and options for a comfortable dental experience

As routine as your appointment may be, it's still nerve wracking to come to the dentist! We understand that and have taken steps to provide a comfortable and stress free environment for you. Whether you are here for a routine cleaning, a filling, or a crown we have different ways to keep your procedure as relaxing as possible.

Routine 6-month cleanings

-Sunglasses: sometimes the harsh overhead lights can be intimidating. At the start of each cleaning we will offer you a pair of sunglasses to help with the glare.

-Topical anesthetics: if you are someone with more sensitive gums, there could be an option to administer a topical anesthetic to help combat the feeling of the hand scaling that our hygienists will do to clean around the gum line.

-Music: the sounds of the dental instruments can be a major factor for fear and anxiety surrounding dental appointments so to drown that out, we encourage our patients to either bring music and headphones to listen to during the appointment.

-Nitrous oxide: for more in depth cleanings, we can offer nitrous oxide to you as well.

-Movies: some of our rooms are equipped with a TV with streaming capabilities on it so at your request, we can play a movie while you are here. This works especially well for the kids at our office.

Fillings/Crowns/and other dental procedures

-Nitrous oxide/laughing gas: for any of the larger dental procedures, we have the option for patients to use nitrous oxide to help you relax before a procedure. You'll be awake and coherent, just a lot more comfortable.

-Local anesthetics: to prevent you from feeling any of the procedure, we use inject-able anesthetic to block out the area and keep you nice and numb.

-Oral anti-anxiety medications: in severe cases, our doctors might be able to work along side your primary care provider to prescribe an oral anti-anxiety pill for you to take prior to your dental procedure.

-Referral for sedation: we do not offer it here at Webster Dental Associates, but in more severe cases we can refer you to other doctors that may offer you sedation. This is all dependent on the case and procedure. This would be an option after we exhausted all other avenues.

-Movies: just like our hygiene rooms, some of the doctor rooms have movie capabilities as well. Many of our patients appreciate this option for longer procedures.


Please make sure to update your dental office on your medical history so the doctors can provide you with the most accurate care. This includes allergies, illnesses, medications you're taking, or other medical conditions.


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